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Stainless Steel Manways

Sanitary Pressure Manhole(DN150)

Item No.: LK-A6

The Manhole cover is mainly used for tanks in the fields of food.beverage,chemical,etc.

Design and characteristics
★Outward opening Manhole cover
★Spanner type handle,hand wheel handle
★Inner Surf:Ra 0.05μm-0.5μm
★Outer Surf:Matte,Mirror-polished,Sand-blasting Finished

Technical Details

Size D1 T  H
Ф250*100 250 2.5 100
Ф300*100 300 2.5 100
Ф350*100 350 2.5 100
Ф400*100 400 2.5 100
Ф450*100 450 2.5 100
Ф500*100 500 2.5 100
HeightHand thickness can be changed according to request of customers. 

Our Service
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