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Sanitary Pin Rotary Spray Ball

Item No.: LK-BW3
High polished SS304/316L 1.5"Sanitary clamped Sanitary Pin Rotary Spray Ball head for CIP cleaning.


The rotating cleaning ball belongs to hardware and machinery products. The sanitary spray ball is made of SS316I or SS304 and has the function of a CIP cleaning device. It has been widely used in food,beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical fields. During the productmanufacturing process, all products comply with 3AVSMS/DIN/ISO standards. In addition, its flux can reach 12-38m³/h. There are various connections for users to consider. This product is suitable for medium or small barrels or containers. There are two options: round and flatCustomization is also welcome.

Design and characteristics
★Product name:3A/DIN Hygienic Stainless Steel Swivel Washing Ball for Beer Tank
★Spray pattern:360° Swivel
★Head ball:Sphere type, Ellitical type
★Surface treatment:mirror polish,satin polish

Technical Details
Size Pressure
Cleaning radius(m) Fluxation
1" 2.0 1.25 12 135-143 53
1.25-1.5" 2.0 1.25 12 137-170 53-63
2" 2.0 1.5 38 168-192 63-76
2.5" 2.0 2.0 38 190-220 76-91
According to the national standard pieces of custom model.

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