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Solution to the problems of Stainless steel manways cover bolts breaking

The SS manways cover bolts easily appear fracture failure, mainly due to the insufficient fatigue resistance of the bolts in the stress relief of the undercut and the unreasonable layout of the structural bearing members. Therefore, the solution to this problem is also to start from these two places.

The solution to the problems of stainless steel manways cover bolts’ breaking:

1. Reasonable design of bolts to improve the processing roughness of stress concentration parts such as undercuts, reduce stress concentration, and improve fatigue resistance.

2. Distribute the bolts reasonably so that the bolt loads are evenly distributed to avoid load fluctuations and prevent fatigue damage of the bolts.

3. Avoid stress concentration of the bearing components, resulting in fracture of the bearing.  The stress concentration factor of the root can be minimized by smoothing the transition of the root of the connecting stud0 The bearing capacity of the connecting stud can be increased by increasing the diameter of the connecting stud root. Of course, the premise is that the overall size of the structure is satisfied.

The above is the solution to the breakage of the stainless steel manways cover bolts. I hope this can be helpful for everyone.

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