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Quick opening manways: the Guarantee of tank safety

Quick-opening manways are mainly used in large tanks and containers in the industrial field, which are generally combined with equipments such as fire extinguishers. The quick opening manways can minimize damage to the tank and dangerous casualties to the personnel when pressure rises inside the tanks or containers.
In the field of engineering application, there is a strict requirement for parts pressure capacity of the storage tank. The quality requirements for the production process of quick opening manways are very high, for example, the product itself muse be strong in hardness and sealing to avoid liquid leakage and bear pressure. When choosing raw material of stainless steel,must ensure that thickness of material can bear   pressure deformation .
The installation process must be strictly followed When install the devices. The sealing ring of the stainless steel manways is generally made of silicone rubber to avoid liquid leakage in the container.

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