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Polishing methods for stainless steel manways

Wenzhou Likemetals Co.Ltd,as a manways supplier,specializes in manufacturing various stainless steel manways.
Introduction of the common polishing methods for stainless steel manways:
1. Magnetic grinding and polishing tank manways: Magnetic grinding and polishing is a method to use magnetic abrasive to form an abrasive brush under the action of a magnetic field and to grind the workpiece. This method has high processing efficiency, good quality, easy control of processing conditions and good working conditions. With suitable abrasive, the surface roughness can reach Ra 0.1 μm.
2, Fluid polishing sanitary manways: fluid polishing is based on high-speed flow of liquid and its carrying abrasive particles to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing. Here are some Common methods: abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, hydrodynamic grinding and etc. The hydrodynamic grinding is hydraulically driven to cause the liquid medium carrying the abrasive particles to flow back and forth across the surface of the workpiece at high speed. The medium is mainly made of a special compound (polymeric substance) which flows at a relatively low pressure and is doped with an abrasive, and the abrasive can be made of silicon carbide powder.