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Manufacture method of sanitary manways

Wenzhou Likemetals Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing stainless steel manways(such as tank manways,quick opening manways,Sanitary manways,high pressure manways,etc).Sanitary manways are made of stainless steel SUS304/316L. and their surfaces are all strictly polished to achieve a mirror surface gloss.Surface roughness reaches Ra0.05μm-0.5μm.
Material of containers used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, is strictly required to be sanitary grade stainless steel and there should be no medium residue in the containers for easy cleaning. In the past, the manways sealing ring for the containers was placed on the lower flange (grooved on the lower flange, and the sealing ring was mostly placed in the groove to expose a small portion to connect the upper flange to form a seal), and the material medium in the container was often splashed. In the sealing groove, it cannot be naturally discharged and it is difficult to clean.
The present invention aims at the deficiencies of the prior techniques, and proposes a solution for improving the position of the container with manways sealing ring, which is convenient for cleaning and convenient to use. The utility model relates to manways device for a sanitary container is realized by the following technical solutions, which comprises manways cylinder section, manways cover, manways upper flange, a sealing ring and manways lower flange. The manways upper flange and the manways lower flange is connected by a hinge, the manways cylinder joint is connected with the manways lower flange, and the manways cover is connected with the manways upper flange, and the utility model is characterized in that the flange on the manways is equipped with a sealing groove, a sealing ring is placed in the sealing groove, and a seal is formed by the upper and lower flanges and the sealing ring. Compared with the prior techniques, the sanitary-grade containers of the present invention avoids the problem that the material medium splashed on the sealing surface penetrates into the sealing groove and cannot be naturally discharged, so that the container is more sanitary.

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