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Main uses of Sanitary Manway and Flange Manway

Sanitary Manways

There are many different shapes of Sanitary manways, commonly such as oval manways, pressure-proof manways, inner opening manways, square manways, quick-opening manholes, atmospheric manways, etc.
pharmacy, environment protection, and other related industries machinery, and equipment. Mostly used in the food machinery industry. Especially some machinery equipment to make wine and drinks. Seemingly so simple, but they are truly essential parts. Sanitary manways are mainly applied in foods, beer, dairy products, 
.μmLikemetals Sanitary manways are made of stainless steel SUS304,316L. and their surfaces are all strictly polished to achieve a mirror surface gloss. Surface roughness reaches Ra0.05μm-0.5    


Flange Manhole

When air pressure in containers rises sharply, the quick-opening manways can be adjusted to discharge pressure quickly.
When containers are used to store gas or liquify, flange manways have good sealing functions.
In the industry of pipeline engineering projects or tank containers, there is always an emergency device for convenient maintenance. When malfunctions happen, staff needs to get inside containers to check. In this situation. the best way is to open covers of Flange manways to make it easier to get in. This device is beautiful and durable,easy-to-use,flexible-operation, high safety, and fireproof. etc.    

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