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Function of Stainless steel Manways

  Stainless steel manways are important parts of contemporary pipeline transportation. The transportation of oil, gas, and water is directly related to our production and life.
   Corrosion of stainless steel manways will become an important issue after the pipeline is built. The service life of stainless steel manways is related to the material, the environment where the pipe is placed, the medium conveyed in the pipe, and its temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Corrosion is a gradual process. After a period of time, severe corrosion will cause oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, and successive pollution, fire, explosion, and other phenomena. The consequences are wounding and damage, causing direct and indirect Major economic losses. Wenzhou Likemetals Co., Ltd, as a manways supplier, we recommended that customers regularly inspect and replace damaged stainless steel manways. According to Data from the U.S. Department of transportation's office of pipeline safety, about 15% of natural gas pipeline accidents in the past few years were caused by internal corrosion, and the average annual property damage was as high as three million.

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