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Flange manways: two dividing standards

As the tank manways are installed on the lowermost ring of the oil tank, leakage prevention is particularly important. It is required that the joint surface of the two flanges must ensure straightness and no whirling phenomenon. Reinforced plates and flanges should be cut as much as possible on the entire steel plate without splicing.

Sealing rings are machined on the flanges and cover plates, so we must pay special attention to protection during construction. Sealed with a 3mm thick asbestos rubber gasket, no cracking is allowed. When tightening the bolts on the SS manways cover, it is necessary to use diagonal force to prevent deformation of the manways cover.

1. Divided by manways covering load capacity

According to the division of manways overburden capacity, it can be divided into two types: steam -20 and steam-10.

2. Divided by the direction of manways

According to the direction of the manways, it can be divided into straight manways, three-way manways, four-way manways, and oblique manways. See Table 1 below for details. Among them, the oblique manways are divided into five types: 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°and 75°. The angle of each oblique manway can be applied within ±7.5°.

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