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Emergency pressure tank manways

As the breathing manways, the emergency pressure tank manways is a safety emergency ventilation device installed on petrochemical equipment and storage tanks. It is usually used together with the breathing valve (installed on the top of the tank) to maintain the normal pressure inside the tank, then avoid accident which will damage the tank during rapid overpressure or vacuum; It also has the advantages of constant pressure discharge, constant pressure suction, flexible closure, compact structure, good sealing performance, safety, and reliability. The emergency pressure tank manways are quick to pressure manways. Its technical performance and main component materials are the same

Working principle

Under the normal working condition of the fire-resisting breathing valve, the Stainless steel manways are basically kept in a sealed state, and the storage tank is under normal pressure. When the normal operation of the breathing valve can not meet the sudden overpressure of the storage tank due to accidental reasons, the pressure relief cover of the pressure manway will be automatically opened to perform emergency pressure relief, so that the pressure inside the tank remains normal; when the pressure in the tank is rapidly decompressed or When the vacuum is exceeded, the suction valve is opened to the air and the normal pressure is maintained. Manways suppliers must pay much attention to the fire barrier. For when the atmosphere is sparked or flamed, the fire barrier acts as a “wall effect” to prevent the flame from passing through to protect the tank.

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