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Consignment of Stainless steel Flange Manways

As one kind of quick-opening flange manways, stainless steel flange manways have two flanges in the middle(upper and lower flanges). They are not only quite easy to open but also have the advantages of pressure resistance, sealing, and corrosion resistance. They are cost-effective manways.
Common specifications of Flange manways :
The maximum pressure can be 5.0bar
Size and thickness can be customized(non-standard customization)
It is an indispensable accessory for food, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, electric power, beer cans, dairy products, and cosmetics.

As a manways supplier, Wenzhou Likemetals Co., Ltd. can not only provide customers with the most professional technical communication and answers but also can customize manways to meet their needs. The given price is quite competitive in the market. We hope to establish a global distributor network and establish a Long-term friendly partnership with customers. So that customers can directly enjoy preferential prices from suppliers.
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