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Flanged Manways

Item No.: LK-A4
Wenzhou Likemetals Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development and sales of stainless steel manways, tank manways, etc. Products are widely used in pharmaceutical, dairy, food, chemical and other industries.
The manways cover is mainly used for tanks in the fields of food.beverage,chemical,etc.

Design and characteristics
★Outward opening manways cover
★Spanner type handle,hand wheel handle
★Inner Surf:Ra 0.05μm-0.5μm
★Outer Surf:Matte,Mirror-polished,Sand-blasting Finished

Technical Details
Size D1 T  H
Ф250*100 250 2.5 100
Ф300*100 300 2.5 100
Ф350*100 350 2.5 100
Ф400*100 400 2.5 100
Ф450*100 450 2.5 100
Ф500*100 500 2.5 100
HeightHand thickness can be changed according to request of customers. 

Our Service
1.Samples:Buyer bear the air fee, but this fee will be reduced from order directly
2.Delivery:Never delay delivery time
3.Quality:Ensure material pure
4.After Sales:Please contact our After-sales service department in time within 30days after you received the cargo.
Tel:+8613868648989,Working Time: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. (Beijing time)
  Process Please provide the copy of Sales Contract and describe the problems appeared.
  Slight problem Please send the proof to our After-Sales Department, we will reply within two days.
  Serious problem 1. We will dispatch our Quality and Problems Appraisers to make a confirmation
2. Have a negotiation of the compensation and sign agreements
3. Our After-Sales Department will perform the duties as the agreements
  Replacement Free replacement if there is any quality problem