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Stainless steel manways: Introduction and Purchasing Guide

   The stainless steel manways are made of Steel 304/316L. There are various manways, commonly such as atmospheric manways, pressure manways, mirror manways, Sanitary manhole, flange manways, etc. The stainless steel manways are safety emergency ventilation devices on the top of the tank. They are usually used together with fire extinguishers(fireproof) and mechanical breathing valves to avoid accidents caused by accidental overpressure or vacuum in the tank. They are also safety devices to protect the storage tank, particularly suitable for vaulted atmospheric pressure tanks, in which storage material is sealed with nitrogen). They also have advantages of constant pressure discharge, constant pressure suction, flexible opening and closing, safe fire resistance, compact structure, good sealing performance, safety, and reliability, etc. Although they are only small accessories for the whole equipment, it is very important. So when you purchase manways, firstly, you must select professional manufacturer, and then select related manways according to your need.
Strengths of Wenzhou Likemetals Co., Ltd.:
① Professional Manufacturer: Factory-direct manufacturing stainless steel manways, Guaranteed Quality, Meet International standard.
② Good faith manufacturer: Because of direct sales, the price is favorable, Strict control of production line, No shoddy.
③ Good service: quick delivery time, packed in cartons, Promise fast after-sale service.
  Upholding the business philosophy of  "integrity, quality, and service", we expect to build long-term cooperation with customers and strive to build industry brand together and strive for self-improvement!


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